To share scientific insights as well as proven education practices to support home educators (parents, children and teachers) to enable the self-directed education process of their children and students.

Who We Are

A psychologist, nutritional and lifestyle management counselor, NLP practitioner, mother of two, home educator of the youngest son since 2016.

Member of the Alliance of Self-Directed Education (ASDE) since 2020.

What Do We Do

We show how scientific principles and concepts turn into practical ideas and sets of actions that can be adapted and implemented at home by families, according to their children and family potentials, and in their own cultural context.

Each area of action is evidence-based and includes additional resources (articles, books, websites, videos, etc.).

We build relationships with academics, organizations, parents and educators who are willing to contribute to the development of a new educational paradigm, and generation of self and Earth-conscientious human beings.

We encourage the development of a community of home educators who (re)discover their innate parental instincts and listen to their hearts and minds to take full responsibility for their children’s upbringing.