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What is Life Self-Mastery?

Life Self-Mastery is a program that introduces concepts and practices from physiology, psychology, epigenetics, neuro linguistic programming, nutrition, and lifestyle management as well as the process of developing and implementing a personalized health/ lifestyle plan.

This unique program design is based on research, science and life experience. It will enable participants to understand themselves better and immediately integrate and apply their knowledge and experiences in everyday life. With step-by-step guidance, the participants will develop their own personalized plan that they can implement on their own, with very little to no external professional support. The newly mastered planning process will come in handy every time they would need to reinvent themselves or simply improve in any life area. Thus, the SELF LIFE MASTERY program graduates will be intellectually and intuitively equipped to make informed choices in their everyday life as well as when selecting personal development or healthcare services in the future. Ultimately, they will gain more control over their health and wellbeing and take a few steps towards becoming the masters of their own lives.

Which concepts, skills and tools will you learn?

The foundation of a good life is built on a few must-know concepts and must-practice-to-perfect skills and tools that could predict it. The LIFE SELF-MASTERY program focuses on exploring the essentials, including the following:

  • Being aware of the present: Self-monitoring and identification of emotional, thought, and behavioural patterns (including nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc) to be aware of who and how one is today, and how to manage the patterns.
  • How does one’s personal history contribute to the present life and what can be done if one needs to address it?
  • What are the key physiological, psychological, and social factors that explain current health and predict the future? What is the holistic integrated systemic health approach that identifies and addresses causes and not just temporary alleviates symptoms? How to address the system as a whole via a personalized combination of breathing, meditation, movement, sleep, nutrition, supplementation and managing internal and external environmental factors in general.
  • Setting objectives and creating a health/ lifestyle plan; sharing the plan (with colleagues – if attending the group version of the program), receiving and incorporating feedback.

Who is it for?

Anyone 15 years and above, who wants to take control of their health and life, in general. Healthy people as well as those with various conditions will feel empowered to reset physically, psychologically, and socially. However, be warned: the program is not for those searching for magic pills and sweatless hacks that promise the instant ultimate transformation! It is for those who want to challenge themselves, have fun and enjoy results mainly at the end of the transformational process! LIFE SELF-MASTERY happens not only by learning and understanding new things, but mainly by planning and acting consciously and conscientiously towards set objectives.

There are no pre-requisites for participating in the program. Although it is science loaded, the scientific concepts, explanations as well as practical exercises will be adapted and made relevant to any audience.

What is the reason for LIFE SELF-MASTERY program?

For many, the past few years’ global events triggered the need to take control over health and lives, in general. Else, much of their attention, time and resources may be wasted. Moreover, they may not realize their potential and lead a good life. To answer the increasing interest and demands in this topic, the self-help, self-development and self-empowering literature, courses and facilitators have flooded the market. However, there is no map to navigate it. Even if there was, how many people possess scientifically based or even common ‘orientation skills’ in the health and well-being area? Hence, many searchers drift from one book, course, and provider to the next, feeling confused or simply not making the most of what they find. From awareness to action, and especially the consistent action that would generate a perceived significant positive long term change, is a long way.

The LIFE SELF-MASTERY program builds the very much needed orientation skills to live a healthy and productive life as well as to select health and wellbeing providers when needed.

Who is Catalina Carrgard, the LIFE SELF-MASTERY program creator and facilitator?

Catalina Carrgard is psychologist and nutritionist. She holds a degree in Psychology from Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, Romania and a MSc in Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Management from the CNELM/ Middlesex University in the United Kingdom.

In her first professional life she has applied psychology to marketing and communication, helping brands reach people’s hearts, minds and wallets.

In her second and current professional life, she uses her past professional experience as well as elements of clinical psychoneuroimmunology, functional medicine, personality psychology, epigenetics, neuro linguistic programming, nutrition, and lifestyle management, to help people acquire self-knowledge, skills and tools so they rely more on their hearts and minds and less on their wallets in order to live a good life.

Her vision and initiatives are to help people help themselves, become self-reliant and make informed decisions regarding health, education and wellbeing in general.

How to participate in LIFE SELF-MASTERY program?

The program is conducted either online & in-person or online only. It can be in groups as well as one-on-one.

  • The group hybrid online & in-person version is conducted over 6 consecutive weeks, in over 40 hours in total, starting with an online introduction of 3 hours and followed by 5 in-person attendance days of approximately 6 – 8 hours each.
  • The group online-only version takes place over 12 consecutive weeks, in over 40 hours in total.
  • The group program could be also customised on request for families, groups of friends and work associates, either as a series of consecutive sessions a week apart or 6 consecutive days (in a location chosen by the group and facilitator).
  • The one-on-one program is personalized to individual needs and could take place face-to-face and online.

If you are someone who wants help to help themselves, and also have fun in the process, let’s connect.

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