Intensive Life Self-Mastery Program

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‘If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you’ve always got.’

Location: Fundata, Romania

Dates: July 1st – 8th

What Is It?

A personalized integrative self-development program in a magnificent natural environment, designed to help you reset physiologically, psychologically, energetically, and spiritually and start living the life you want, as you want!

You will not only learn new scientific concepts (from clinical psychoneuroimmunology – clinical PNI, functional medicine, personality psychology, nutrition and lifestyle management) related to health and a fulfilling life in general, but also apply and synergize your own old as well as new knowledge to identify your true potential, make a life plan and start living it!

With the step-by-step professional guidance of a psychologist – nutritionist – educator and a yoga instructor, in the unconditional loving embrace of a new natural environment, you will relax, gain clarity, a fresh perspective and the extra motivation to leave OUT the everyday limiting grey and let IN the new infinite green future you could create for yourself.  

Your new nature in nature!


Day 1

  • Arrival, logistics, and welcoming dinner

Day 2

  • Program Intro
  • Breathing and Meditation in nature
  • Understanding the Present Part 1: Self-Monitoring, The Functional Medicine Health Matrix
  • Yoga outdoors

Day 3

  • Breathing and Meditation in nature
  • Understanding the Present Part 2: Neurotransmitters Profile, Personality Profile
  • Walk in the forest

Day 4

  • Breathing and Meditation in nature
  • Past Perfect: The Functional Medicine Timeline; Clinical PNI Film
  • Trip to Bran (Dracula’s) Castle
  • Yoga outdoors

Day 5

  • Breathing and Meditation in nature
  • Future Part 1: Future – Visualization in nature; The Life Plan Elements
  • Walk in the forest

Day 6

  • Breathing and Meditation in nature
  • Future Part 2: Life Plan Development;
  • Yoga outdoors

Day 7

  • Breathing and Meditation in nature
  • Future Part 3: Life Plan Presentation and Feedback
  • Walk

Day 8

  • Celebration: Mountain trail, bonfire and dinner

Facilitators: Catalina Carrgard (Psychologist, Nutritionist and Educator), Simina Popa Oprea (Yoga, Breathing and Meditation Instructor) and surprise guests.

Why in Fundata, Romania?

At merely a 3-hour drive from Bucharest International Airport, after passing by the Bran Castle (‘Dracula’s Castle’) on the way up to the mountains, the road literally ends in Fundata (in Romanian meaning ‘end of the road’). Here lays the highest inhabited village in Romania, at 1400 m altitude.

Being surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains and their forests, Fundata enjoys breath-taking views, some of the cleanest air in Europe, trails, abundant wildlife as well as a quite well-preserved ancestral way of living that may be inspirational to many.

Besides its fascinating relief, vegetation, fauna, and people, Fundata has also an instant charming energy. Whoever arrives to Fundata suddenly wants to buy land and build a house. It happened to us and to some of our friends.

Part of the ‘explanation’ about the place’s magnetic energy may have to do with a legend we learnt from a local orthodox (not so orthodox) priest. According to him, the earth’s electromagnetic lines that used to intersect in Tibet have moved in the area of Fundata in 1987. This may be yet another reason why people fall in love with the place and come to marry and build houses there! We haven’t investigated the subject any further, as we kept it as a nice to share story from an eccentric priest, documented on video for posterity.

A ‘supporting evidence’ to his story is this article about Romania. You will decide in which category to place it – legends, science or both. We haven’t made up our minds on it yet.

Fables and legends aside, Charley Ottley’s ‘Wild Transylvania’ documentary may give you extra reasons why you should bring your own nature in Fundata’s nature, where, together with experienced facilitators and like-minded participants, you could plan and start living the life you want to live.

What are the steps to join the INTENSIVE LIFE SELF MASTERY PROGRAM?

Anyone 18 years old and above is eligible to participate in the program. Teenagers below 18 years old are also welcome if accompanied by at least one parent.

Please fill-in the Interest Form. Based on your profile and location, we will provide all the program details, including information about flights to Bucharest, airport transfers to and from Fundata, accommodation, food, what to pack, pre-program assignments, etc, and will answer all your additional questions.

Looking forward to guiding you all the way into the infinite GREEN!


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